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Uniregistry emails registrants about price increase

Uniregistry has been emailing domain registrants about the upcoming price increase for 16 of its 26 gTLDs.

The notification email is tailored to one’s domain portfolio, and lists the specific gTLDs, the number of affected domains, and the price change.

Here is a sample of the email notification from Uniregistry (domain numbers removed):

The official pricing page for domain names at Uniregistry – not just their own gTLDs – can be seen here.

The pricing on that page, does not reflect promotional discounts that are set up per account.

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3 Responses to “Uniregistry emails registrants about price increase”
  1. That’s a BS increase in .link and .click.

    Not doing business with Uniregistry anymore.

  2. Domainer says:

    Know I know they cannot be trusted as frank said in recent article dot click would only go up a buck or 2. Now it will almost double. Looking foreword to dropping all uniregistry gtld’s.

  3. I got the email an hour ago for my .christmas domain it’s going up to $84.88 I have something to do from now until renewal to see if I’ll keep it or drop it.

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