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Should the #ICANN president, Göran Marby, resign?

ICANN president and CEO, Göran Marby, delivered his seal of approval for the deal presented to Verisign, managers under contract of .com and .net domain names. In exchange, ICANN will be bestowed $20 million dollars over 5 years, to perform DNS infrastructure improvements. In effect, ICANN gave no real consideration to thousands of comments by […]

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Uniregistry emails registrants about price increase

Uniregistry has been emailing domain registrants about the upcoming price increase for 16 of its 26 gTLDs. The notification email is tailored to one’s domain portfolio, and lists the specific gTLDs, the number of affected domains, and the price change. Here is a sample of the email notification from Uniregistry (domain numbers removed): The official […]

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Verisign : Happy New Year with an 8.8% price increase for domains

Verisign, managers of the .com and .net domains, are starting the new year with an 8.8% increase in prices. On February 1st, dot .net domains will jump industry-wide by that much; the price increase is part of the contract negotiated with ICANN. As a result, expect most domain registrars to match the cost of registering […]

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