Unterscheidung! Media Options dropped one

Drew Rosener – Media Options.

German words can be intimidating, and when you hear someone say “Unterscheidung!” you might feel an urge to say “bless you!” back.

Media Options is known for picking up domains in auctions and via direct – and highly private – acquisitions.

In the case of Unterscheidung.com however, they dropped that one.

The German keyword means “distinction” or “differentiation” according to the Cambridge dictionary, and Media Options held onto it since 2009, and dropped it some time ago.

Some enterprising fella from Germany just picked up this “gem” and the story of Unterscheidung.com carries on. The domain is now up for sale at Sedo.

Would you have kept it?

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One Response to “Unterscheidung! Media Options dropped one”
  1. I’ve seen some nice German domains sell over the years. I only own one German domain I picked up around 2013 which is Applikation.com.

    I don’t think I would have held onto Unterscheidung. Probably a good choice by Media Options to drop that one.

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