Video: Who said #domaining is dead?

Domaining isn’t dead.

If you thought domaining was dead, think again.

Pastor Alph Lukau is a man who believes in the Domain Church, and performs miracles.

“Resurrecting a dead economy is not possible without believing in Jee-sus,” said Pastor Alph Lukau.

“By accepting Jee-sus and the holy spee-rit, we can do it. Let’s all pray, and miracles can happen,” added Pastor Alph Lukau.

The dedicated man of faith performed a ceremony to demonstrate just that, raising a Nigerian domain prince from the dead.

“I said, rise, and he rose, slowly but surely. And we’ll be visiting other cities to practice the same miracle, all in the name of Jee-sus,” said Pastor Alph Lukau, adding: “We’ll be in Asheville Meetup most definitely! See you there, my Domain King!”

Watch this extraordinary video below!

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