WE.org : Last #domain sale was for one million dollars!

Two letter domain name, WE.org, was sold in 2007 for $36,500 dollars according to NameBio.

The popular repository of domain sales has yet to record the financial details of a newly uncovered sale, for $1 million dollars.

Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, spotted the transaction.

According to 2019 documents, in 2015 ME to WE Foundation paid US$500,000 for the website domain we.org. They also paid $20,000 dollars for iamwe.com; WE Charity – a separate US 501.c.3. charity – paid another $500,000 USD for the domain WE.org, which was thus acquired for a total of $1 million dollars.

The transaction eclipses existing recorded sales of LL .org domains, as noted by NameBio:

us.org 45,000 USD
pi.org 40,000 USD
dr.org 39,000 USD
wv.org 38,000 USD
no.org 37,500 USD

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One Response to “WE.org : Last #domain sale was for one million dollars!”
  1. bb says:

    Very timely to undercover, big ethics scandal going on right now in Canada between the Liberal government and their ties to the WE charity. Seems pretty sleazy and not such a charitable organization after all, but more of a lifestyle company for the founders.

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