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What Chinese domain spam emails look like


If you were fed up with the onslaught of domain spam from Eastern Europe or certain parts of the US, get ready for the next big wave of junk.

Aimed at domain owners whose WHOIS info is skimmed using basic tools, the Chinese spam emails are targeting owners of numeric and short domains.

The amazing part is that these emails are fully written in Chinese, except for the domain name, of course.

Here’s what a serial spammer from China is sending out, as translated into English using the Google Translate tool:

Hello there. Will you sell your domain?
We need your name ****.com be a project! May I ask how much money?
Due to limited funds Give me the lowest price!
Thank you!

Here’s the original email in Chinese below:


Chinese spam about domains.


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2 Responses to “What Chinese domain spam emails look like”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    why are you being so unfair? don’t you realize? HE IS ONLY A POOR STUDENT.

  2. DNsale says:

    But it looks like an inquiry,
    Being aware is always better for me. Thanks

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