What happened to #DNN .com and #Domain Name News?

Almost a decade ago, DomainNameNews.com and its DNN.com three letter shortcut, was an important source of news and information about the domain industry.

At the time, DNN.com was more popular than DNW.com and its DomainNameWire brand, but for some reason this all ended at some point.

The exact date of the demise of DNN/DomainNameNews as a daily source of domain-related information is unknown. We can only guess from past screenshots via DomainTools, the most recent of which is from 2013.

Currently, DNN.com forwards to DomainNameNews.com with a broken database link that displays the following error:

“Error establishing a database connection”

Let’s hope that this is temporary and that it will be restored soon.

DNN.com in 2013

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One Response to “What happened to #DNN .com and #Domain Name News?”
  1. Richard says:

    Haven’t visited that one in a while, unfortunately Mr. Strong has moved onto bigger things. If I could work for anyone in this industry it’d most likely be him. Thank you to Mr. Allemann for continuing to produce great content at DNW

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