Who needs short domains? Not Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition

The concept of going after ultra-short domains might be flawed after all.

Serving as the shorthand of longer phrases, two or three letter domain names are highly priced due to their absolute scarcity.

It’s easy to remember ABC.com when the entity is matching that exact acronym, but what about BEC.com ?

Undoubtedly a premium domain, but is it a better fit for Breakthrough Energy Coalition, the renewable energy initiative jointly founded by titans Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg?

The dynamic duo of entrepreneurship thinks not; after all, exact match domains have always been easier to be located when searching contextually.

While BEC returns many results, none of which are the .com, “Breakthrough Energy Coalition” returns the new venture’s domain name very high in the results: BreakthroughEnergyCoalition.com.

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition page on Facebook.

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition page on Facebook.

According to their web site:

“THE WORLD NEEDS WIDELY AVAILABLE ENERGY that is reliable, affordable and does not produce carbon. The only way to accomplish that goal is by developing new tools to power the world. That innovation will result from a dramatically scaled up public research pipeline linked to truly patient, flexible investments committed to developing the technologies that will create a new energy mix.

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition is working together with a growing group of visionary countries who are significantly increasing their public research pipeline through the Mission Innovation initiative to make that future a reality.”

In this case, as in many others, the long-tail, descriptive domain is much more appropriate than the acronym; in our opinion, the latter won’t find a buyer among the Breakthrough Energy Coalition founders.

Click here for the Facebook page.

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