And the winner is:

If you are eager to point out a winner in yesterday’s gTLD launch of dot .XYZ, look no further than the matching .com, owned by the Registry:


Unlike all other gTLD Registries that operate under their respective gTLD, XYZ runs from, a domain that was acquired in 2010 for $50,000 dollars.

And there lies the genius of XYZ CEO, Daniel Negari: any unregistered XYZ domain, when accidentally appended the “.com”, will end up at

For example, try these (currently unregistered) XYZ domains:

The introduction of new gTLDs to the general public is guaranteed to create confusion; for quite some time in the future, the early adopters of domain names and the Internet will be tagging a “.com” after every gTLD.

As a young entrepreneur, Daniel Negari is a visionary, and through the positive and negative feedback he’s currently receiving, he’s bound to adjust his navigation of the gTLD waters, en route to success.

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