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#Wixi.com : DropCatch #domain auction attracts pranksters, or is it a lawyer?

The domain name wixi.com is being auctioned on DropCatch, after it expired and dropped.

Searches for “wixi” come up with a radio station acronym in Alabama, but other than that, this LLLL .com sounds like a Chinese brand.

Several years ago, wixi.com was host to yet another social network for users sharing all types of media.

It seems that the DropCatch auction has attracted at least one prankster among its 85 bidders, that have placed 124 bids so far.

Using the alias “UDRPCA” the bidding account at DropCatch holds the high bid currently, at $3,920 dollars.

The use of “UDRP” as part of the bidding alias can be one of three reasons:

  • An attempt at bidder intimidation
  • A trademark holder for WIXI, or
  • Pure goofiness!

Using a bidding alias that contains the words law, lawyer, legal or UDRP is not an indication of a verified account related to law or legal services. Perhaps, DropCatch should add these keywords to a restricted list of words.

That being said, there is an existing US trademark for WIXI and it’s registered to a company in California.

Either way, the auction for WIXI.com ends in one day, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

UDRPCA is bidding on Wixi.com at DropCatch

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