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World #poetry day : Here’s a poem about #domain names

It’s World Poetry Day today.

Whether you read poems, or write poems, it’s a day to celebrate this art form that goes back thousands of years.

Peoms can help elevate, support and encourage others, and also can share our full emotional range.

With that in mind, we’re putting both our brain hemispheres together to write a poem about – what elsedomain names. πŸ˜€

Feel free to share your poetic masterpieces about domain names as well.


My stomach, so empty

From selling useless NNNNNN’s

I’m grabbing onto the newsletters

And the blog posts, oh, the pain

All I needed was a few extra dollars

Per LLLL – the Chinese letter kind

Or maybe, $25 each for .CC and .WS

But damn it all, I failed!

Now, I’m running away

Running away from domaining!

Like a deer lost in the woods

Forgiving those that empowered me

With fake advice

And stole my domain future, forever.

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3 Responses to “World #poetry day : Here’s a poem about #domain names”
  1. Tia Wood says:

    Roses.com is not mine
    Violets.com Is not mine
    Sugar.com is also not mine
    And.com isn’t mine either
    Blue.com 😞

  2. DomainGang says:

    Tia – that’s beautiful and fringe. Love it!

  3. Data Glasses says:

    It even made my butler cry!

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