ZoomEscaper.com : Sabotage your #Zoom call audio to get offline!

Zoom Escaper

Had one Zoom call too many?

You’re not alone. More than 40% of the workforce in the US is now working online, not counting the numerous kids and young adults that attend school classes via Zoom.

Playing hooky isn’t always an option, but what if you could “sabotage” your Zoom call audio, to the point of annoying others? That’d be a great excuse to get offline! πŸ˜€

Zoom Escaper is a fun implementation of an audio driver that adds multiple sound effects to your microphone audio.

Operating from ZoomEscaper.com, the tool allows you to add echo effects, bad connection audio, and fun elements like those:

  • Upset baby
  • Man weeping
  • Wind
  • Dogs
  • Construction
  • Urination

The process requires the installation of a free third party audio driver, called VB Cable.

You can watch a full video tutorial below:

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