Presidential debate #domains : Some fun exact match registrations!

Like millions of others, watching the 1st presidential debate yesterday I was hoping for an open dialog between two – very old – adults.

Alas, it was a You can buy that domain on Afternic, as it’s been waiting for 20 years.

Tantrums and interruptions ensued, leading to a show unworthy of a ticket price. I regret switching to ABC, watching terrestrial television and away from Netflix for the first time in months.

Photo by Jose M. on Unsplash

Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, had to tell the president Donald Trump

That domain is at GoDaddy so I’m sure it can be sold. But the shorter seems to have been registered by the Democratic Party, forwarding to Smart!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s message to the Proud Boys, a far-right neo-fascist male-only organization, to “stand back and stand by” led to the registration of – you guessed That domain is also at GoDaddy.

While has been registered since 2006, was registered yesterday, following the response by Joe Biden to Donald Trump’s constant interruptions. Its registrant wants $175,000 dollars for it on DAN. Good luck with that, man! 😀

Don’t worry though – is still available, along with

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