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Voice .com sale a leverage point for all future #domain inquiries

The sale of Voice.com for $30 million dollars funded by crypto ICO proceeds, is creating a new status quo in domain investing.

Cases such as this propel the value of domain names, by informing the “general public” that domain names, that thing you type in your Google search, can be traded for money.

Voice.com is an exceptional generic domain name.

Initially registered prior to the current registration date of 2001, perhaps as early as in 1994-1995. By 2000, the domain was being forwarded to an IP address, but there are no records of a developed web site. When it dropped, DomainTools captured its new registration record in 2002.

Most likely, Voice.com dropped after the big dot .com bubble burst of 1999-2000. Following the first wave of dot .com start-ups, domains linked to failed businesses were abandoned.

The sale of Voice.com is now a great leverage point for any future negotiation on domain names.

There is no excuse, from now on, not to mention this great sale of all time – assuming that there are no other sales under NDA that exceed that number. Commentary from experienced domain brokers indicates that the sale of Sex.com was dwarfed by sales under a non disclosure agreement, but nobody wants to challenge Voice.com yet.

So get your domain inquiry responses ready, and be prepared for some hardcore sales, all thanks to the openly shared sale of Voice.com.

Voice.com sold for $30 million – Photo by Josh Rocklage on Unsplash

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One Response to “Voice .com sale a leverage point for all future #domain inquiries”
  1. Nicco Schaal says:

    I don’t think that this exceptional sale is going to invigorate the domain market as a whole. Reason being this is an exceptional English language domain name with only five letters and a dot-com extension. Most people will continue avoid paying a fair market price for quality domains and instead create bad or obscure domain names with any but a dot-com extension. The potential worth of such a domain is only understood by people like the buyers of voice .com.

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