Interview with Mike Robertson on the acquisition of by Directnic

Mike Robertson is the Director of Business Development at Directnic, new owners of domain registrar,

We asked Mike to share with us some additional details about the acquisition, a substantial expansion of Directnic into managing the extensive domain portfolio of

Here are his responses, in an exclusive interview.

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat? : Mike, congratulations on the acquisition of Was it initiated by Dark Blue Sea or Directnic? Are there any details on the financial aspect, or range involved, that you could disclose?

Mike Robertson : We’ve had a good relationship with them for years and when the opportunity arose to acquire we felt like it was a great match.

Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose any financial details. :  Is Fabulous going to be a DNC brand, operated independently, or will it merge with Directnic?

Mike Robertson : will continue to be run as its own brand.

With that said, we’ve already begun the process of doing an extensive update both to the site and infrastructure.

The Fabulous user interface is overdue for a redesign and we’re excited with the way things are looking.

All the tools and features our loyal customers know and love will remain, with the addition of some new functionality to enhance the user experience.

We’re hoping to have that ready to roll out Q1 of 2018. : Will there be staff based in Australia, or that will transition to a fully US-based brand and company?

Mike Robertson : We’re evaluating the business needs at this point, we do plan on bringing in 24 hour support and live chat. : As you’ve worked closely with Fabulous in the past, what will be your primary function interacting with the Fabulous brand?

Mike Robertson : Having been with Fabulous for 9 years and understanding the needs of our customers and partners, I will be responsible for high level account management and partner relationships ensuring continued great support, and success for all stakeholders. : Moving to new offices in Tampa, I hear. Please give us some details about the location and infrastructure and reason DNC is relocating.

Mike Robertson : We obviously have a lot going on right now, we are always considering the right location to best serve our customers, more to come on this front in the future. : Mike, many thanks for this candid interview on the acquisition of by Directnic. Best of success to this exciting new venture.

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