Disaster strikes over Twitter: Greek PM doesn’t get social media

Following the fiasco of first announcing a national referendum and two days later – succumbing to public pressure – withdrawing it, Greek prime minister George Papandreou followed up with a speech and more faux pas over twitter!

The Greek prime minister, tweeted the following to his followers and the world:

“The Greeks did not go bankrupt. Certain attitudes did. We’re facing a lot of work ahead but we will make it happen.”

Following up with:

“The more Greeks declare that Greece matters more than themselves, the brighter our future shall be.”

George Papandreou’s tweets were followed by a barrage of comments reeking of disapproval of his handling of the national matters:

“Greece matters more than you! There, I said it, what do I win?”

“Greeks, exactly so, because you’re a Yankee!”

“What are you talking about, tell us what type of drugs you’re smoking!”

“Hitler was elected too.. When gambling the entire nation’s fate you LOSE people’s approval ! RESIGN! “

Original reporting in Greek from Madata.gr



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