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Anna from Croatia : Would you make her domain dreams come true?


Anna is a girl from Croatia. She’s a student and a single mom, modeling through school to make ends meet.

Her Instagram is full of smiling photos, lit by bright sunshine.

She’s playing in the water with friends, or eats chocolate-dripping desserts. She sits against the low walls of the promenade, smiling ear to ear while listening to music.

Anna’s clothes are fashionable and stylish, she’s a fashion student after all. She creates them herself, in the small apartment she shares with her two year old and a white fluffy cat.

One of her biggest dreams is to run her own fashion design business, and share her creativity with the world. And she needs a domain to make it happen.

You own that very domain, and one day Anna contacts you about it.

Her words are sweet, unpretentious, honest:

“My dream, is to create beautiful clothes for beautiful people.”


For a second there, you are taken aback by these words, and even more by Anna’s ethereal presence on social media; her Instagram is a sight for sore eyes.

How much do dreams cost these days, you wonder.

As soon as you’re ready to commit to a token transaction, your very own entrepreneurial ego awakens.

You’re investing in domain names to make money. You put effort into picking the juiciest cherries from the highest branches. You’re digging into the mud, dirtying your fingers, to find the nuggets of gold that make it all worthwhile.

How much is another person’s dream worth, your conscience revolts back.

And there you are, split in half, pondering over a business decision that has no clean-cut answer.

Because life is not black and white, it’s all shades of grey – and dreams often come in many colors, just like Anna’s clothing designs.

Pushing the domain is quick and painless, unlike ending another person’s dreams.

What would you do?

Would you give Anna the domain at a token cost?

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