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Anna from Croatia : Would you make her domain dreams come true?

Anna is a girl from Croatia. She’s a student and a single mom, modeling through school to make ends meet. Her Instagram is full of smiling photos, lit by bright sunshine. She’s playing in the water with friends, or eats chocolate-dripping desserts. She sits against the low walls of the promenade, smiling ear to ear […]

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Facebook.XYZ is down!

Facebook.XYZ has been down for most of the day today, according to various media sources. On Twitter.XYZ the hashtag #facebookXYZdown was retweeted more than 2 billion times. Many distraught users visited IsItMeOrIsFacebookDown.XYZ to check on its status. “It’s ridiculous that the world’s most important social medium, with 7 billion users has been down for the […]

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Pay $3,000 for this domain, are you crazy?

I really wanted that domain name, and I typed it in the browser. So it’s parked at Frank Schilling’s Domain Name Sales platform, which I’m familiar with. Great. So I made an inquiry to get a response and a quote back, as I don’t place offers right away; I want to take the pulse of […]

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