Anyone Mortgage: Dan founder’s new startup rolling out new product, the Dutch startup co-founded by Reza Sardeha, formerly of, has rolled out Anyone Mortgage, its first product. Tested in The Netherlands, the mortgage product is aimed at young people willing to give 49% or more of their financed mortgage to the bank. As the mortgage provider is co-owner of the house, it will […]

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Go Dutch: Anyone is looking for employees in The Netherlands

Anyone, the start-up founded by Reza Sardeha of Undeveloped/Dan fame, is hiring. The positions are based in The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, where bike culture reigns supreme. The company is attempting to shift the paradigm of mortgages and house acquisition in Europe, and eventually the world. Current openings at include: Chief Compliance Officer […]

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Reza Sardeha, founder of Undeveloped/, sold his company to GoDaddy for a reported $71.4 million dollars, last summer. A portion went to angel investors that provided capital to the company and without doubt, Reza Sardeha received a sizable check from the sale. But that’s not the end of the line for the ever-busy entrepreneur, who […]

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