Anyone Mortgage: Dan founder’s new startup rolling out new product, the Dutch startup co-founded by Reza Sardeha, formerly of, has rolled out Anyone Mortgage, its first product.

Tested in The Netherlands, the mortgage product is aimed at young people willing to give 49% or more of their financed mortgage to the bank. As the mortgage provider is co-owner of the house, it will receive the same percentage of the home’s equity in a future sale.

Simple enough?

The product is not strange in the US where any full owner of a home can lease it for interest to a new owner, if they cannot provide bank financing.

The difference is that the Anyone Mortgage product is backed by established financial institutions, versus cash-laden home owners. The company is looking to roll out the product in Germany, the UK, Spain, and eventually the US.

Here’s a link to the’s product.

Incidentally, someone registered the domain name today. It looks like a defensive registration by the company.

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