Daryl’s Domain Diaries: Chapter 6 – The Cool Domainer Chicks I met on Facebook

Daryl the Drunk Domainer's diaries. RIP Daryl.

A year ago I started using Facebook after my buddies posted party pictures from a domain conference.

Little did I know that my phone would be blown, eventually along with other parts of me.

Beer is good and when I drink it I do crazy stuff.

Like that day I talked to a policewoman asking for directions, then it was full flirting until I got her number.

But hey, that’s another story.

Where was I?

Facebook, right.

Soon after those party pictures were posted and I was tagged, I started getting those friendship inquiries from lots of chicks. My buddies like to share their collection of female friends, if you catch my drift.

Some were good, others looked downright awful, the kind that you need beer goggle vision to be in bed with.

Or a paper bag.

So I met those twin sisters from Brooklyn that were lawyers and delved in domaining. Molly and Marsha Brown. Holy be-Jesus!

Big ones. And I mean, BIG ONESin the 42DD range.

We went out for drinks and my buddy Josh started asking about domains. The twins were so easy to please. We talked about the dot com bubble of 1999, dropped domains, Frank Schilling’s receding hairline the works.

Then Josh took off and I was left alone with the twins. And that’s when the real fun began.

Had more beer and was relentless. The twins were busy drinking their pina coladas and smacking their lips. So I whipped it out.

There I was, holding tight onto my most precious instrument, lengthy and thick.

I showed it to them.

Molly gasped and Marsha’s eyes rolled.


“What do you think girls,” I asked. “Was it worth it? Want to take a closer look, all three of us?”

The twins giggled and were all over me. I felt like a king, all thanks to Facebook.

We spent the next three hours going through the lengthy contract I was about to sign, acquiring a 1989 three letter dot com. The paperwork was 3 inches thick.

Those geeky female lawyers sure know how to love a guy with experience in domain negotiation.

Editor’s note: These are the Diaries of Daryl the Drunk Domainer, who passed away early this year. DomainGang acquired them and will be publishing them unedited.

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  1. Lifa says:

    I really enjoyed this piece, rest in peace Daryl.

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