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Daryl’s Domain Diaries: Chapter 6 – The Cool Domainer Chicks I met on Facebook

A year ago I started using Facebook after my buddies posted party pictures from a domain conference. Little did I know that my phone would be blown, eventually along with other parts of me. Beer is good and when I drink it I do crazy stuff. Like that day I talked to a policewoman asking […]

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Daryl’s Domain Diaries: Chapter 5 – My lousy Thanksgiving dinner

A couple of years ago, Thanksgiving of 2002, I had this shitty experience at Thanksgiving dinner that forever maimed my very soul. But let me pop a cold one first. I get all bitchy just recalling it. Alright. My folks are not the brightest stars on this side of the galaxy. I told them once […]

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What Domainers Are Thankful For – Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We wish you the best Domainer Thanksgiving from all of us here at DomainGang.com. “Thankful to be alive.  thankful to have been given so many chances.  thankful for so many people i’ve met over the years that have informed my way of being even if they didn’t know it.  thankful for […]

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