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Gobble gobble! The winner of all Thanksgiving brands

It’s the season to be stuffed with turkey and assorted delicacies! Thanksgiving, which started a long, long time ago by the Pilgrims who sat and feasted on turkeys because pigs were not available, is the biggest non-religious holiday in the US. While some of you might be silly enough to stand in line and wait […]

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Almost your entire Thanksgiving dinner is parked!

When it comes down to the core food elements of a Thanksgiving dinner, it seems that they are parked almost in their entirety – at least as dot .coms! For example, most of the following domains are parked: Turkey.com – Unknown owner, parked at eNom. No info about the country here! Stuffing.com – Owned by […]

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Daryl’s Domain Diaries: Chapter 5 – My lousy Thanksgiving dinner

A couple of years ago, Thanksgiving of 2002, I had this shitty experience at Thanksgiving dinner that forever maimed my very soul. But let me pop a cold one first. I get all bitchy just recalling it. Alright. My folks are not the brightest stars on this side of the galaxy. I told them once […]

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