Gobble gobble! The winner of all Thanksgiving brands

It’s the season to be stuffed with turkey and assorted delicacies!

Thanksgiving, which started a long, long time ago by the Pilgrims who sat and feasted on turkeys because pigs were not available, is the biggest non-religious holiday in the US.

While some of you might be silly enough to stand in line and wait for hours on “Black Friday” to get a $40 discount off large television sets, a company is using a non-brand name to promote its own product, turkeys.

Greenberg Smoked Turkey via GobbleGobble.com sells smoked turkeys from a family owned smokehouse in East Texas. Yeehaw! πŸ˜€

“When you serve Greenberg Smoked Turkey, you’re sharing in an East Texas family tradition that spans four generations. It all started when my grandfather began smoking turkeys for family and friends in a corner of his dairy barn. Word spread about his delicious gifts, and by the 1940s my father fulfilled the family’s first official orderβ€”an unsolicited request from 100 miles away in Dallas.”

Want to taste that smoked turkey goodness? Just visit GobbleGobble.com and forget about PETA and their silly anti-turkey campaign.

Sorry PETA, not only will we eat turkey for Thanksgiving, but after dinner we’ll go hunt some deer.

Turkey’s good for you, just don’t screw up the Thanksgiving dinner.

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