Daryl says: I had a bad weekend so don’t piss me off!

Daryl the Drunk Domainer

Hey, what’s up domainers?

I will start by saying one thing: don’t piss me off, I’ve had one stressful weekend so far.

It all started late Friday, when I went out for beers and to chase some tail…remember, my ex girlfriend left me when she spied on me through my iPhone.

Anyways. You know me. I down a couple of beers, maybe three, then I start to talk about my domains.

Only problem is, those dbags that gather at sports bars don’t know sh*t about domains!

Someone asked, “Ah, so are you a cybersquatter?”

I nearly popped a vein right there. Motherf*cker!


So I walk up to the guy to tell him a few words about his mom but then I notice that hot blonde chick sitting at the bar, all by herself. Not wanting to ruin my attire, I combed my hair real quick and walked up to her.

“What’s up sweetie?”, I asked her. “I don’t believe it, you wear my favorite color shirt!”

She looked at me, smiled and said:

So, I overheard you’re a cybersquatter? My dad works at ICANN and deals with people hoarding domains for years. I know just your type!”

Oh, sweet mother of Jesus! I could have smacked her up – like I did with that Playboy bunny at Domainfest – but I wasn’t drunk enough.

My response was mild, I basically told her to go stuff herself with avocado and jump off the nearest tower balcony.

ICANN, my ass!

Aren’t those the idiots that could not explain the method of pricing domains, when they met with the House committee?


Saturday was pretty quiet as I slept all day and don’t recall much. And today I won an auction at Namejet. For the wrong domain. For $450 bucks!

So don’t piss me off!

Later domainers!
~Daryl the Drunk Domainer


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