Daryl says: My story with the Playboy model at DomainFest

Daryl the Drunk Domainer

Hey domainers, what’s going on? Missed me?

I sure did not. Had lots of things to work on these days, buying domains, selling them and then b*tching about getting those lowball offers.


Didn’t tell you, but I was at Domainfest. I had a great time, lots of beer, lots of domaining, lots of beer.

Did I mention the beer?

So I got on that bus and it’s packed tight with Playboy models, going to the Mansion. The big man, Hugh is a distant relative on the side of my mom’s.

I was getting ready to have a good time but man, that bus driver thought he was Danica Patrick or something. Weaving through traffic, rushing through yellow lights, the works.

I needed to hurl all that beer and it wasn’t going to happen in my own seat. So I move my way to the front and ask the driver to slow down so that I can get off and throw up the sixpack I had accumulated in the past hour.

They don’t call me Daryl the Drunk Domainer without a reason, ya feel me?

My mind at that point was thinking about domains but all around me was heaven. Good lord, those legs, those big silicone pillows, those perfect derrieres.

I thought I could hold back and I could not. Someone tried to pull me back, then this six foot tall blonde started tugging at my shirt.

You know what?


I thought it was the driver. I swear to God. So I lean back, swing one and then another.

Apparently, I hit the Playboy chick. On the nose. Twice!

Blood everywhere and at the same time I started hurling. It was a real mess that one would never imagine happening during Domainfest.

Once we got off the bus, even bigger mess. I had to call Hugh because the cops were there. He talked to them and I was let go.

All I want to say is, “I am sorry”.  I didn’t mean to punch the Playboy blonde on the nose. It was a case of too much beer and too little domaining. I hope she forgives me, in time, after she has plastic surgery to fix her broken nose.

And boy, am I glad I’m back to domaining! 😀

Later domainers!

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9 Responses to “Daryl says: My story with the Playboy model at DomainFest”
  1. Alan says:

    “throw up sixpack I had accumulated in the past hour”………………Sounds like you have a serious
    with alcohol. I hope this incident will become your “wake-up call” and you get the help that you obviously need.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Alan – Daryl is a party animal. He usually writes those articles once he’s sober. Be *very* afraid of meeting him in a dark alley at a domainer conference! 😀

  3. Bill says:

    I’ll just look for some guy wearing an “I Punched a Playboy Bunny” t-shirt.

  4. Rukiddingme says:

    Are you serious? Or is this some sick satirical blog post meant to get links and views?

    You do realize that this blog post has now been given to the LAPD?

    I’d love to be there when two big ass LAPD guys meet your next flight through LAX and you are trying to explain that you think it’s humorous to write about a guy beating a 90lb female as if you are the guy doing the beating. Quite frankly, I don’t think they’d see the humor in that… as most of us who were actually there do not.

    This girl is related to people in the domain industry. She’s got people looking out for her. Your blog post is not in good taste, for her, nor for you.

  5. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Bill – Daryl would have to market that, an instant hit.

    Rukiddingme – Is your IQ lower than room temperature? Or are you a few clowns short of a full circus?

    And if you don’t see the humor in parody, never ever step foot on this blog again, dumbass.

  6. Adam says:

    Parodying a real event where someone is physically assaulted? Wow. Good work

  7. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Adam – Please let me know if you want to make any other changes to our content and approach; also please don’t visit CNN.com because there is plenty of violence and controversy there already.

  8. You're trash says:

    He’s making light of the fact that he broke a womans nose. He think’s its comical that she’ll need surgery to fix it. You’re F’d in this industry as far as I’m concerned. You’re a piece of trash and anyone who thinks you can find parody in someone hitting a woman is just as trashy. Seriously I hope you’re both never allowed into any domain event again. You’re lucky I wasn’t there. You would have been taken out on a stretcher. I don’t know how you think violence against a woman is remotely funny. The real shame is that you didn’t get to spend a couple days in a Los Angeles jail cell getting @ss blasted and t-bagged by dirt bags who are just a notch above you in the food chain. Get some help scum bag.

  9. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    User “You’re trash” – IP

    You’ve left tracks of that IP all over Google, buddy.

    Your stupid comment, whereupon not only you fail to understand the purpose of this article and blog but you’re also making physical threats, is preserved here as proof of any future damage that might occur, ignorant fuck.

    When you don’t have a fucking clue what you are reading, refrain from commenting.