Daryl says: My story with the Playboy model at DomainFest

Daryl the Drunk Domainer

Hey domainers, what’s going on? Missed me?

I sure did not. Had lots of things to work on these days, buying domains, selling them and then b*tching about getting those lowball offers.


Didn’t tell you, but I was at Domainfest. I had a great time, lots of beer, lots of domaining, lots of beer.

Did I mention the beer?

So I got on that bus and it’s packed tight with Playboy models, going to the Mansion. The big man, Hugh is a distant relative on the side of my mom’s.

I was getting ready to have a good time but man, that bus driver thought he was Danica Patrick or something. Weaving through traffic, rushing through yellow lights, the works.

I needed to hurl all that beer and it wasn’t going to happen in my own seat. So I move my way to the front and ask the driver to slow down so that I can get off and throw up the sixpack I had accumulated in the past hour.

They don’t call me Daryl the Drunk Domainer without a reason, ya feel me?

My mind at that point was thinking about domains but all around me was heaven. Good lord, those legs, those big silicone pillows, those perfect derrieres.

I thought I could hold back and I could not. Someone tried to pull me back, then this six foot tall blonde started tugging at my shirt.

You know what?


I thought it was the driver. I swear to God. So I lean back, swing one and then another.

Apparently, I hit the Playboy chick. On the nose. Twice!

Blood everywhere and at the same time I started hurling. It was a real mess that one would never imagine happening during Domainfest.

Once we got off the bus, even bigger mess. I had to call Hugh because the cops were there. He talked to them and I was let go.

All I want to say is, “I am sorry”.  I didn’t mean to punch the Playboy blonde on the nose. It was a case of too much beer and too little domaining. I hope she forgives me, in time, after she has plastic surgery to fix her broken nose.

And boy, am I glad I’m back to domaining! 😀

Later domainers!

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