Daryl’s Domain Diaries: Chapter 1 – The Stupid Newbies

Daryl the Drunk Domainer

Two days ago I was talking to this dude on DNF, I mean, he was totally making me mad.

I popped a beer and went back to respond to his stupid comments. He put some domains up for evaluation; everyone said his domains were great.

Of course, I had to disagree. Two .info and a lame ass 3-char .com – what a load of junk!


These days I don’t get newbies. Back in the old day when I got started, we were appreciative of appraisals. You know, we’d say ‘thank you very much’ when the true value of our domains was revealed in front of our blinded eyes.

I know that saved me thousands of dollars in renewal fees for crap domains.

Now this dipshit didn’t like what I said and started talking weird about “the glass being half-full” and stuff like that. I told him to go fuck himself.

Stupid domain newbies waste my time, they don’t deserve anything for free.

On a side note, I met this cool chick at a local Hooters, she was the waitress there. Huge boobs. I asked her what was her domain. She was like, what, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I just about peed my pants. I said, darling, you know what facebook is, right? She nodded her blonde head twice – her boobs followed the rhythm.

I said, guess what, facebook.com is a domain. Now, what’s your phone number – I asked, while staring down at her huge (I mean, HUGE!) melons.

They kicked me out of the joint but at least she knows not to question my authority next time.

Editor’s note: These are the Diaries of Daryl the Drunk Domainer, who passed away early this year. DomainGang acquired them and will be publishing them unedited.

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