Chinese domain market report : China to crack down on bogus domain info


The Chinese government wants its citizens to be obedient, well-behaving pawns; after introducing the specifications of a national social credit system, China is now after domain names.

China’s Information Industry Association (CIIA) has launched a project to promote the national social credit system, a rating designed to extend boith punishment and reward.

Meanwhile, a public service platform was also released to trace private domain names, aiming to help the public to distinguish genuine domain names from counterfeit ones, said the CIIA president, He Cuiqin.

In other words, bogus WHOIS information will not be tolerated; hopefully, punishment won’t be too steep for those that commit this “hideous” crime.

The Chinese domain market continues to display signs of sustainability, well into the summer – and this is great news.

While sales volume remains strong, sales prices are definitely stagnant, both for LLL .com and LLLL .com domain names (“Chips”.)

We keep track of short domains, between 1 to 4 characters, for the .COM, .CN and .NET TLDs, reporting on such transactions that took place.

Today’s list contains 1440 domains, spanning the period between June 17th and June 25th:

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