Dot .BANK : No, you can’t have these two domains


Blood.Bank cannot be registered.

Dot .Bank is the secure, specialized gTLD for banks and financial institutions.

Although it’s an open gTLD and not a closed, corporate one, it requires certification.

After each dot .Bank application is processed, the applicant must meet strict criteria, and to be an official, licensed – you guessed it – Bank.

No ifs and buts.

This might disappoint those that might have wanted to capitalize on dot .Bank for two reasons:

Blood.Bank and Sperm.Bank.

Sorry folks. You can’t have these. Or those, for that matter. 😀

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One Response to “Dot .BANK : No, you can’t have these two domains”
  1. mike says:

    Actually .. their rules stink!
    Even if you are a bank you could not get those domains, unless you had a TM.

    They basically wrote that any name you apply for, they can at their own discretion not give it to you and place it on a reserved list to be done with whatever they want..and of course they can change the rules whenever they want..that is what i recall seeing when reading their rules…

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