Dyslexic domainers find paradise in gTLD names domains

The proliferation of gTLD domains has been a boon for many forward-thinking domain investors, who go after meaningful, keyword+gTLD strings.

gtldsAnother side of the gTLD success is the proliferation of its use among domainers, investors and end-users suffering from dyslexia.

Indeed, combinations such as stool.bar, stop.rest and domainers.social are prime examples of reversed linguistic order; something that dyslexics suffer from.

“I had no problem with these combinations, it makes to me sense absolutely,” said T.C. from Tuskawilla, FL, a domainer with dyslexia.

“For the most part, Google does care not if your domains sound like Yoda in Star Wars!” exclaimed T.C. smiling.

Domain investors unfamiliar with the benefits of dyslexic domain analysis can find here more.

The huge success of reversed logic domains ensures high registration numbers for the expansion of the Internet name space. A year from now, everyone will be visiting such web sites, if gTLD operators and registries get their way.


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One Response to “Dyslexic domainers find paradise in gTLD names domains”
  1. Adolfo says:

    For all you dyslexic lovers…

    You will be able to get stop.rest @ landrush, which actually starts next Wednesday, June 11th

    And for all you non-dyslexic onse, you can always know that this TLD is intended for Restaurants, and get other non-dyslexic names such as 24hour.rest, selfserve.rest or JapaneseFusion.rest

    You will also be able to get .bar domains like redwine.bar or drymartini.bar

    But those might be misleading, if you actually are… dyslexic… if you nkow what I’m mean!

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