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TheDomains rolls out a ‘comment guidelines’ policy for trolls

Domain investors are looking for WW3 domains.

Kids often troll domain blogs.

The popular domain blog, TheDomains, attracts a large amount of commentary on its posts daily.

Along with constructive responses and opinionated comments comes a small amount of troll-induced commentary, aimed at provoking the blog’s operator, Mike Berkens, and the readers of TheDomains.

Mike’s one of the nicest people in the domain industry, and he puts a large amount of effort in his work; it would take quite a bit of provocation to remove a comment. People still, however, like to provoke.

Apparently, the solution for such lame attempts by the usual suspects is to define the comment guidelines policy, which has now been added before the comment box:

TheDomains.com welcomes reader comments. Please follow these simple rules:

  • Stay on topic
  • Refrain from personal attacks
  • Avoid profanity
  • Links should be related to the topic of the post
  • No spamming. Listing domains, products, or services will get the comment deleted

To report spelling errors or other mistakes, please email raymond@thedomains.com instead of adding a comment. We thank you for the heads up, but want to keep the discussion on topic.

We reserve the right to remove comments if we deem it necessary.

At DomainGang our comment policy is even simpler: Insulting, trolling comments never see the light of day, and if the commentator continues, they are banned from ever posting again.

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