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The #Domains : Going full force after Twitter is the right approach

TheDomains.com owner, attorney Mike Berkens, filed a lawsuit against Twitter yesterday, accusing the platform of gross negligence for failing to protect and restore his hacked Twitter account, thedomains. The lawsuit seeks monetary damages of at least $75,000 dollars and serves as a reminder of the importance and rising value of social media accounts linked to popular […]

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TheDomains rolls out a ‘comment guidelines’ policy for trolls

The popular domain blog, TheDomains, attracts a large amount of commentary on its posts daily. Along with constructive responses and opinionated comments comes a small amount of troll-induced commentary, aimed at provoking the blog’s operator, Mike Berkens, and the readers of TheDomains. Mike’s one of the nicest people in the domain industry, and he puts […]

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BuyDomains shocker: “TheDomains.com may be for sale”

A shocking domain lander at the popular domain marketplace, BuyDomains, leaves nothing to the imagination: “TheDomains.com may be for sale.” In a day that many domain sales occur behind closed doors, hundreds of domains change hands in private transactions, for millions of dollars. But how much is TheDomains.com worth? According to domain estimation tool, Valuate.com, that […]

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