Uniregistry : $1 dollar domains and summer discount sales



July is the month of sales at Uniregistry.

There are plenty of available gTLDs to choose from, and a large premium portfolio in .click, .club, .yoga and more.

Among the new available extensions, one cannot miss .cafe and .express, each priced at $29.88 per year.

If you’re after deals, however, you can’t miss the $1 dollar giveaway of dot .click domains – good until July 31st.

Other discounts currently from Uniregistry:

  • Dot .Christmas for $8.88 – Because it’s Christmas in July.
  • Dot .CO for $7.88 – Because it’s shorter and cooler than a .com
  • Dot .BlackFriday for $11 bucks – Because it’s cheaper than a Chinese Wal-Mart toy on sale.
  • Dot .Party for $4.88 (Good until July 27th) – Get some good beer with your savings.
  • Dot .Science for $4.88 (Good until July 27th) – Because nerds are cool.
  • Dot .Webcam for $4.88 (Good until July 27th) – Because it’s never too late to spice up things with that special someone.

For more info, get started at Uniregistry.com.

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