Which is better: Sedo $59 auctions or Flippa with its custom portfolio landers?

Gotta love the recent growth in domain services! What drives progress is healthy competition, and we’re beginning to see more of that recently.

Both Sedo and Flippa announced new services recently, expanding their domain sales options.


Sedo and Flippa offer new services.

First, Sedo rolled out the ability to start “direct auctions” at any time, at a cost of $59 dollars. Some might say that this is not as cheap as other domain selling venues, for example GoDaddy or Flippa.

The thing is, Sedo’s domain portfolio is massive, with millions of domains as part of their inventory.

The move will appeal to domain investors that own quality domains and want to move them without waiting for an offer to arrive first. This way, they can focus on promoting the auction directly, via email campaigns, social media or by reaching out to potential buyers.

Flippa’s move to offer customizable domain landers that control a domain for sale on Flippa is another great idea.

The option to quickly construct a for sale page that can contain links to place an offer or even a BIN price, is superb. For those so inclined, there is an option to display other domains in one’s portfolio alongside the primary domain.

Overall, such options aren’t truly competing against each other, but enhance the offerings provided by domain industry companies. And that, is the best thing, because in both cases domainers will benefit from the use of such tools.

It’s a win-win situation! 😀

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  1. Sunny says:

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