Freename makes history as first Web3 Registrar with ICANN accreditation

Freename makes history as first Web3 Registrar with ICANN accreditation

July 17, 2024 · FEATURED POST

(Paid content) – Freename proudly announces its landmark achievement as the first Web3 registrar globally to receive ICANN accreditation, marking a pivotal moment in merging traditional domains with a Web3 platform. This milestone highlights the increasing synergy between traditional and Web3 domains,... [Read more]

Domainers in full swing as Kamala Harris becomes the Democratic candidate!

Domain News: July 22, 2024 - 10:30 amdomain-news

Domain investors are in full swing after US President, Joe Biden, withdrew from the 2024 presidential race; the current VP, Kamala Harris, is now the appointed Democratic nominee for the candidacy as the 47th US President. This...

Want to pay 25% fees to Afternic? Then do this!

Domain News: July 20, 2024 - 12:21 pmdomain-news

GoDaddy’s acquisition of Uniregistry in 2020 was followed by a change in the now defunct platform’s fees. Raising the fee from 10% to 15% was only the beginning; the eventual acquisition of in 2022...

Seven with Sedo:,,, and 283 other .CO domains in auction

Domain News: July 19, 2024 - 2:54 pmdomain-news

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is rolling out a week-long .CO auction of hand-picked domain names. Featuring 286 .CO domains the Sedo .CO auction takes place between July 18-25, 2024. All domains are listed with a low reserve... UDRP: A 1994 domain saved with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision

Domain News: July 19, 2024 - 10:44 amdomain-law

The WIPO handled the UDRP between Young Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Xiaopeng Zhou, registrant of the domain name, registered in 1994. Young Pharmaceuticals claimed that the domain name, identical to their trademark...

Global terminal outage as Cloud Brokers join Atom program en masse!

Domain News: July 19, 2024 - 10:22 amdomain-news

Since 4:49am Eastern time today, a global outage has affected terminals and other smart devices with a screen around the globe, crashing systems and disrupting the normal flow of travelers. The incident is under investigation... UDRP filed against a domain registered in 2005

Domain News: July 19, 2024 - 9:30 amdomain-law

Venderstorm Ventures GmbH & Co. KG, filed a UDRP against the domain, claiming rights to the “BABISTA” trademark, acquired through various registrations and domain names associated with their... A 1996 domain was hit with a UDRP—Here’s why the Complainant lost

Domain News: July 18, 2024 - 2:51 pmdomain-law

Eisco Scientific LLC filed a UDRP seeking the transfer of the domain name from its registrant. The Complainant argued that the domain name was identical to its trademarks and that the respondent had no legitimate...

Domain magic: Namecheap handles almost 15,000 support tickets a day

Domain News: July 18, 2024 - 12:10 pmdomain-news

Running a domain registrar is not suited for the faint-hearted. It’s not just the financial burden and the obligations to security and data privacy but also the amount of work associated with supporting your products,... Domain Investment Index report for Q2/2024

Domain News: July 17, 2024 - 9:15 amdomain-news released its Domain Investment Index report for the second quarter (Q2/2024) of this year. It is an important quarterly report that takes the pulse of the domain industry’s metrics. In Q2/2024,

Tesla candy: Trademark applications snatched up by dubious domain investors

Domain News: July 16, 2024 - 3:40 pmdomain-law

Tesla, Inc. is an electrical vehicle (EV) manufacturer and a corporation founded by Elon Musk, operating from the domain name that it paid millions of dollars to acquire. With that in mind, Tesla is not just...

#Sedo : Domain sales report | July 16, 2024 — sold for $95,000 dollars

Domain News: July 16, 2024 - 10:25 amdomain-news

Sedo domain sales report: Top sale is that was sold for $95,000 dollars. Welcome to the latest domain sales report by Sedo; this time we cover the week ending on July 16, 2024. This information has been provided...

Spartan Simplicity: Streamlining your domain portfolio for maximum impact

Domain News: July 15, 2024 - 5:19 pmdomain-news

The Spartans were a Greek tribe known for their simplicity and focus, traits that contributed significantly to their military prowess. Their austere lifestyle and disciplined approach to training and combat enabled them...

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