China : Are domain cybercriminals targeting publicly listed portfolios?

China is America's enemy #1 in the cybercrime arena.

China is America’s enemy #1 in the cybercrime arena.

Domain theft has become the so-called “hot potato” since early 2014; the proliferation of domain crime originating in China can be attributed to the high demand in short domains.

With the Chinese stock market bubble finally bursting, we’re witnessing both a drop in domain crime from China, and a drop in domain prices for so-called “liquid domains.”

But are domains safe?

GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar in the world, is by far the biggest target of cybercriminals attempting to hijack domain names.

As a domain investor recently found out, two factor authentication at domain registrars is a must.

An interesting point: the same investor had listed a domain for sale at Flippa; In a subsequent comment, the investor listed several other domains that they own, in an apparent attempt to promote them; none of these were for sale through the listing, however.

In the days that followed, his account at GoDaddy was successfully infiltrated due to lack of a two-factor authentication, and his domains were stolen temporarily.

The exposure of a full domain portfolio to the public, can often invite cybercriminals, giving them a bigger incentive about their potential target.

It’s advisable to not share entire portfolios publicly, unless one is selling them as part of the domain listing.

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