Cybercrime report : Four LLLL .com domains reported as stolen


Caution, these domains are currently stolen.

The ever-rising prices of four letter .com domains (LLLL) motivate cybercriminals to pursue the unlawful transfer of these digital assets.

A typical domain theft occurred a few days ago, when the owner of several domain names had his GoDaddy account compromised.

The thief managed to access the holding account, most likely via a phishing email, and transferred one domain name away to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename and three more to 22.CN.

According to the owner of the domains:

“On November 6th someone gained access to my GoDaddy account through password reset feature.

I am not sure how they would do that without access to my email account which I can reassure you wasn’t highjacked.

I have a hotmail account and I checked all the protection, it was intact.

On November 6th, they initiated the transfer of my domain name to another GoDaddy account. From there on, the domains were then transferred to (HANGZHOU AIMING NETWORK CO.,LTD). “

These stolen domain names are:


The owner shared his frustration over this brazen domain theft, by emphasizing that such things should not happen:

“My belief is that in the year of 2015, these sort of activities shouldn’t be difficult to trace and resolve.

Nowadays everything is tracked from IP address to computers used to transfer domain name.

I wish to ask that HANGZHOU AIMING NETWORK CO.,LTD comply with the request from GoDaddy and return my domain names.”

GoDaddy has been notified, and the lawful owner of these domains has initiated the transfer dispute process.

This might take a while as Ename often makes it hard for legitimate owners to get their domains back timely, and often requires a police report or a court order.

We will update this article with new developments once we have them. In the meantime, do not buy these domains listed above, they are stolen.

Update 1/2/2016 : The domains have been recovered.



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4 Responses to “Cybercrime report : Four LLLL .com domains reported as stolen”
  1. Xavier Lemay says:

    “I am not sure how they would do that without access to my email account which I can reassure you wasn’t highjacked.”

    Thanks to Godaddy!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Xavier – The two factor authentication takes care of such exposure to phishing emails. GoDaddy is being targeted as the biggest domain registrar; ie, that’s where many good domains are.

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