FBI seizes 17 domain names in defrauding scheme

The FBI and US Postal Inspection Service have seized 17 domains that were part of a defrauding scheme.

US law enforcement has investigated the activity of the scammers since February 2021, after the FBI’s IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) received 64 complaints about the scammers.

The domains now display a warning by the US authorities:

FBI warning

Acting Inspector in Charge Kai Pickens, who heads the United States Postal Inspection Service’s St. Louis Field Office, stated:

The seizure of these domains is the result of a successful joint prevention effort between the Postal Inspection Service and the FBI. Protecting consumers from mail fraud operations that utilize websites to re-ship stolen goods is a vital part of our agency’s mission.”

Here are the domain names involved in the scam:

  • amari-dash.com
  • control-scorpio.com
  • costa-account.com
  • dash-amari.com
  • dashboard-zim.com
  • dash-egreen.com
  • dash-orient.com
  • dash-satori.com
  • dash-spt.com
  • egreen-dash.com
  • main-sgl.com
  • navois-account.com
  • orient-dash.com
  • satori-dash.com
  • scorpio-control.com
  • spt-dash.com
  • zim-dash.com

The domains were registered with Hong Kong based registrar Eranet International Limited.

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