New serial domain spammer : registered at eNom

Phuck all spammers.

Another phuckstick spammer that mass-emails owners of newly registered domain names is

The unscrupulous spammer scans the domain zone files, and emails the registrants with the following cookie cutter message:

Congratulations on your domain [*].com ! The next step you can do for [*].com is to make sure it is listed in the search engines.

Google, Yahoo, Bing

Getting [*].com included in the search engines is the first step you should take as a webmaster or domain owner. .

To list [*].com in Google, Bing, and Yahoo follow the link below:

Please list [*].com as soon as possible so your new domain is properly indexed.

Register [*].com

To manage your communication preferences, click here.

Marketing Solutions | PO Box 6205 Washington DC 20057
To manage your subscription preferences for [*].com, click here

Running a reverse WHOIS on this douchebag spammer’s email address,, returns the following domain names, all registered at eNom in 2013:

The domain is hosted on the IP, which is operated by Beyond The Network America.

According to this resource, BTNA is a Ukrainian operated spammer-friendly/spammer-operated service:

“More and more carriers are refusing to peer with them due to the amount of spam that emanates from their IP ranges. Most business networks block all traffic from their IP ranges. At last check they had IP assignments in the US, China and Ukraine.”

Domainers receiving spam from those phucksticks should block the entire IP class of that belongs to their host, BTNA.

Phuck off, spammers!

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