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Premium three letter .com domain name, SOT.com, is no longer stolen


SOT.com has been recovered.

It’s great news for the Finnish owner of the premium three letter .com domain, SOT.com.

The domain was stolen from Wille Kuutti’s Dotster account a few days ago, by a cybercriminal who has been involved in numerous domain thefts.

Mr. Kuutti has confirmed that SOT.com is no longer stolen, as the gaining registrar, Nominalia, transferred the domain to him, after he presented documentation proving ownership of the domain.

The domain thief stole SOT.com after he compromised Mr. Kuutti’s Dotster account; at the time, Dotster was notified of the breach, but were unable to stop the transfer out of the domain name.

SOT.com was listed for sale at Sedo by the cybercriminal, but Sedo acted quickly and removed the domain from its marketplace, terminating a $20,000 dollar auction.

So how was the domain SOT.com stolen from a Dotster account?

Mr. Kuutti, a seasoned software engineering professional, speculated in his original email to us, that the domain theft was “possibly accomplished by using a vulnerability in the dotster.com password recovery link generation algorithm.”

Kudos to the Spanish domain registrar, Nominalia, for returning the domain to its legitimate owner.

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