Yumi.com : Dirty Chinese spammers continue to harass domain investors

Serial spamming outfit, Yumi.com, has sent out a new barrage of spam to email addresses harvested from the WHOIS of domain names.

We first reported those unrepentant phucksticks in August, when they sent out emails that insinuated the domains’ owners were in some kind of legal trouble.

That scamming email is now being followed by a new mass-emailed attempt at selling worthless .CN domains, to owners of the matching .COM.


Churning out hundreds of emails every minute, the Yumi spammers seem to follow common practices of such companies in China.

“Hello there!

According to yumi.com big data analysis of the following domain name and your brand to match, especially to your recommendation. If your company needs to buy the domain name, please feel free to contact the relevant arrangements for our staff.

*****.cn I want to buy

If you are not interested in the contents of this message, then we are sorry to bother.

Please reply directly to huoban@yumi.com with the subject “Do not push” and we will remove your mailbox in the next message tracking.


Big data analysis my ass!

Those Yumi.com assclowns rip the WHOIS info and batch out emails with no “big data analysis” whatsoever. They are dirty spammers.

They will now be reported to ICANN and every other authority can yank their accreditation.

Meanwhile, an interesting fact: Yumi was founded by the same person who started another phuckstick spammer from China, Dopa.com.

It’s really despicable that those two spamming outfits are allowed to operate, flooding the mailboxes of domainer owners with trash.

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