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Yumi.com : Dirty Chinese spammers continue to harass domain investors

Serial spamming outfit, Yumi.com, has sent out a new barrage of spam to email addresses harvested from the WHOIS of domain names. We first reported those unrepentant phucksticks in August, when they sent out emails that insinuated the domains’ owners were in some kind of legal trouble. That scamming email is now being followed by […]

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Editorial : Scams, spam and stolen domains

September is upon us, time for the monthly DomainGang Editorial. It’s been an interesting year thus far, and Q4 of 2016 will help define many trends for next year. Several important new gTLDs are set to launch until the end of the year: .Games, .Blog and maybe dot .Web. If you’re either a “poor student” […]

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