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China’s #ininin wants to register the matching .com as a #trademark

If you really want to be “in” just use it three times. Ininin is a software company in China, and they are looking to trademark the “ininin.com” domain at the USPTO.

Their logo looks confusingly similar to that of LinkedIn, a similarly shaped enclosure with “in” inside. It is part of the trademark application.

Here’s what the mark is about:

Computer programming services; Computer software design; Computer software rental; Computer technology consultancy; Consulting services in the field of software as a service (SAAS); Creating and maintaining internet sites for others; Creating, maintaining, and modernizing computer software; Data conversion of computer programs and data, not physical conversion; Data conversion of electronic information; Design of interior decor; Dress designing; Industrial design; Industrial and graphic art design; Packaging design for others; Preparation, update, installation and maintenance of computer software; Website design consultancy


Using the matching .com domain ininin.com helps. Or is another “in” needed?

Will the mark be opposed by LinkedIn? We’ll have to wait and see.

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