EV.com: Trademark application at the USPTO

The mark registration application for EV.COM was filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week.

Filed by an attorney, this “intend to use” application is related to the following products/services:

Vehicle armrest cushions; Vehicle bodies; Vehicle booster seats for children; Vehicle bumpers; Vehicle camera mount; Vehicle chassis; Vehicle head rest covers; Vehicle hoods; Vehicle license plate covers; Vehicle partitions; Vehicle parts, namely, ball joints; Vehicle parts, namely, rearview mirrors; Vehicle parts, namely, shock absorbers; Vehicle parts, namely, steering wheels; Vehicle parts, namely, sun visors; Vehicle parts, namely, suspension struts; Vehicle parts, namely, windshield visors; Vehicle parts, namely, windshield wipers; Vehicle roll bars; Vehicle safety belts for children; Vehicle seat belt height adjusters; Vehicle seat belt pre-tensioners; Vehicle seat belt presenters; Vehicle seat belt retractors; Vehicle seat cushions; Vehicle seat protectors; Vehicle seats; Vehicle side view mirror covers; Vehicle suspension springs; Vehicle tire deflators; Vehicle tire valve stem caps; Vehicle tow bar connector covers; Vehicle tow bars; Vehicle vanity mirrors; Vehicle wheel rims; Vehicle wheel spokes; Vehicle windows; Vehicle windscreens; Vehicle-mounted motor vehicle crash attenuators; Balance weights for vehicle wheels; Balancing weights for vehicle wheels; Child restraints for vehicle seats; Covers for vehicle steering wheels; Fitted vehicle armrest covers; Fitted vehicle console covers; Fitted vehicle covers for automobiles; Fitted vehicle headrest covers; Fitted vehicle hood covers; Fitted vehicle roll bar covers; Fitted vehicle seat covers; Head-rests for vehicle seats; Hubs for vehicle wheels; Inner tubes for vehicle tires; Land vehicle parts, namely, fenders; Land vehicle parts, namely, wheels; Land vehicle parts, namely, windshields; Lug bolts for vehicle wheels; Lug nuts for vehicle wheels; Motor vehicle alarm systems; Motor vehicle back-up beepers; Pumps for inflating vehicle tyres; Remotely controlled land vehicle; Removable sidewalls for vehicle tires; Rims for vehicle wheels; Safety belts for vehicle seats; Self-propelled electric vehicle; Solid tires for vehicle wheels; Solid tyres for vehicle wheels; Tire valves for vehicle tires; Tires for vehicle wheels; Traction mats for vehicle tires; Tyre valves for vehicle tires; Tyres for vehicle wheels; Valves for vehicle tires; Valves for vehicle tyres

The mark consists of standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size, or color.

So is this application related to the operators of the domain name, EV.com?

Is this trademark application linked to the domain EV.com?

If the applicant/attorney is providing services to the EV.com company, that’d be the case; then again, it’d be an application listing the EV.com company as the applicant.

Which brings up an interesting point: Can anyone register a trademark that incorporates a domain name they do not own or operate?

Meanwhile, the operators of the domain EV.com acquired the domain name EV.fr via Sedo recently, after spending 120,000 euro on it.

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