Got band-aid? Parody #domain got served with #UDRP from Johnson & Johnson

Band-Aid is a registered trademark of J&J

Johnson & Johnson produced many brands over the course of a century, and Band-Aid is one of them.

Registered as a trademark in 1925, the Band-Aid mark is famous and established. Johnson & Johnson are having great success with their Covid19 vaccine and one would think that’s what they’re focused on, but no; they still have to protect their brands.

The operator of a parody web site found that out recently, after getting served with a UDRP filed at the WIPO. The offending domain? The web site was created as a supposed opportunity for businesses to advertise on band-aid stickers applied to arms after vaccination. None of that content is a real offer to sell products, however. Its creator is known for mixing art with a parody, in a fine amalgam.

Danielle Baskin is seeking advice from lawyers, not willing to let parody—protected free speech—to be silenced so easily. But it won’t be an easy task: Johnson & Johnson have only lost one UDRP, involving the domain

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