More #blockchain industry companies protecting their #cryptodomains and IP

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin – and another 1,000+ tokens and coins using blockchain technology are keeping investors, geeks and now lawyers busy.

The latter, due to the need for protection of their intellectual property, their brands and names, many of which are registered trademarks.

It comes as no surprise that many recent UDRP cases involve domain names that incorporate popular tokens and coins, or entire corporate names.

We recently found more cases that such companies brought to UDRP panels, and here’s a selection, linking to the decisions:

  • Bittrex, Inc. – Took home,,,,, – link to decision.
  • Bittrex, Inc. – In a separate UDRP, they got – link to decision.
  • Bittrex, Inc. – In a third UDRP, they got and – link to decision.
  • Bittrex, Inc. – In a fourth UDRP, they secured – link to decision.
  • Bittrex, Inc. (presumably) – Pending UDRP for and – link.
  • PayPal, Inc. – The predominant digital money exchange took home – link to decision.

In a nutshell: keep away from incorporating brands and products of others in your cryptodomain registrations, regardless of how confident you are about their generic usage.

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