#SSC dot .com : Premium three letter #domain registered in 1989 hit with a #UDRP

The pending UDRP against the three letter .com domain, SSC.com, is about to break all records due to the domain’s age: 29 years old.

Registered in 1989, this LLL .com is currently in the possession of a Chinese registrant.

The Complainant in this UDRP is an entity called “Service Spring Corp.” and as the case is currently pending – filed yesterday – we won’t know the decision for a few more nail-biting weeks.

According to Namebio, SSC.com sold for $50,299 dollars in 2013.

So what is the history behind the premium, aged domain name SSC.com?

SSC.com was registered and in the possession of Specialized Systems Consultants, a publisher of computer and programming magazines.

Archive.org goes as far back as 1996, the very early years of the commercial Internet, but prior to the existence of the World Wide Web, domain names were used for email and the sharing of files using the FTP protocol.

Over the years, Specialized Systems Consultants held SSC.com under different names, perhaps due to mergers or acquisitions at least until 2011.

The Complainant in this case registered SSC as a trademark in 2010, claiming it was first used in 1973:

“Springs for overhead doors, namely torsion springs, extension springs, mini warehouse springs, rolling steel door springs and other door accessories, namely extension hardware, pulleys, cones, cable drums, aircraft cable, cable assemblies, cable fittings, rollers, hinges, bearings, plates, locks, operator brackets, top fixtures, bottom brackets, low headroom devices, bumpers, jamb brackets, exhaust ports, carriage door hardware, fasteners, roller chains, angles, struts, tracks, torsion shafts, chain hoists, slide bolt latches and spring wire gauges.”

It seems that this is a case of aggressively pursuing an ultra premium and aged domain name, after making an offer inconsistent with its fair market value; we’ll be keeping an eye on this premium domain asset and the UDRP filed against it.

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