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Volume.com : #Trademark applications hint of unreported #domain sales

The operators of the domain Volume.com have applied for the matching trademark at the USPTO, and for the following services:

Streaming of audio, visual and audiovisual material via a global computer network; Telecommunication services, namely, transmission of voice, data, graphics, images, audio and video by means of telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks, and the Internet


Providing an online non-downloadable Internet-based system application featuring technology enabling users to stream live broadcasts of audio, visual and audiovisual material via a global computer network; Providing a web site that gives computer users the ability to upload, exchange and share photos, videos and video logs

The trademark application was filed by the Levinson Management Group LLC, with an “intent to use” clause, indicating that the current active web site at Volume.com is a new service.


There is no recorded transaction for the acquisition of Volume.com that we could find on NameBio.

Levinson Management Group LLC has also filed trademark applications for VOLUME and VolumeUp, and apparently acquired the matching domain VolumeUp.com on Afternic, in May or June of this year. It currently forwards to Volume.com.

Home Box Office (HBO), a division of WarnerMedia, appears to have been the previous registrant of Volume.com.

Quick link: There is an influx of applications for the registration of generic domain names as trademarks at the USPTO, following the decision by SCOTUS for Booking.com.

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