WIPO : Telepathy, Inc. hit with UDRP over generic domain Fakir.com

A fakir, giving a petition to an emperor.

A fakir, giving a petition to an emperor.

Nat Cohen’s company, Telepathy, Inc., maintains a strong portfolio of generic domain names; according to company policy, they redirect inquiries via SecuredOffers.com.

There is a $19 dollar charge per inquiry. By doing so, Telepathy, Inc. filters out the casual stream of spam, lowball offers and other time-consuming email activity.

One of the generic domains owned by Telepathy, Inc., is Fakir.com, and a Turkish company has filed a UDRP at the WIPO.

Fakir Elektrikli EV Aletleri Diş Ticaret Anonim Şirketi is after Fakir.com, a domain registered in 1999. The Turkish company sells consumer electronics via Fakir.com.tr, a domain registered in 2006.

According to Wikipedia:

“A fakir, or faqir (/fəˈkɪər/; Arabic: فقیر‎ (noun of faqr)), derived from faqr (Arabic: فقر‎, “poverty”). The word ‘fakir’ refers to the one who is self-sufficient and only possesses the spiritual need for God”

We anticipate that this obvious, far-reaching attempt at snatching an aged, generic domain, will soon be thwarted; perhaps with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.



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