Domain sold by Telepathy in massive upgrade

Upgrading one’s range of regional domains that use ccTLDs to a .com, is the ultimate goal of any brand that seeks to establish an international footprint. Smoothly, a brand with online presence in Europe’s local markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Germany, has acquired The seller of the domain appears to be […]

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The operators of the domain have applied for the registration of the matching mark, SOCIALBUTTERFLY.COM. South Dakota-based corporation Webit, Inc., filed for the registration of the mark with an “intent to use” clause, which makes sense, as the domain’s WHOIS still shows Telepathy, Inc. as the registrant. The mark was applied for the following […]

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#Domain first names: Nat Cohen has acquired

Do you own your first name as a .com? Nat Cohen, founder of Telepathy, Inc., does; the domain has changed hands after a transaction that span several months, apparently. now forwards to Nat Cohen’s LinkedIn profile. And that’s a great use of a three letter .com domain, as a URL forward! Registered in […]

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Domain industry visionaries, Telepathy, Inc., have scored yet another apparent sale of a three-letter (LLL) .com domain. Recent WHOIS changes to the domain indicate that the domain has been sold. Registered in 2000, the domain was in the possession of Telepathy, Inc. since at least 2001. Founded by domain investor, Nat Cohen, Telepathy, […]

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Michael D’Elena runs one of Arizona’s leading real estate teams, with over $200 million dollars in real estate sold and 400+ transactions under his belt. The power realtor acquired the domain from Telepathy, Inc. in July 2021 for an undisclosed amount. They are now applying for the registration of the matching mark, HOUSED.COM, with […]

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Telepathy Inc. has apparently sold the premium #domain

For two decades, Telepathy, Inc. has been managing a solid portfolio of domain names. Nat Cohen‘s known for seeking exceptional ROI for his domain investments, and this time around it seems that we’ve stumbled on yet another solid sale. changed hands yesterday, moving into German ownership. The buyer is a consulting agency based in […]

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Telepathy Inc. sends aged #domain to new registrant

Telepathy Inc. seems to have scored yet another sale, and this time it’s for the domain Registered in 2000, this two word composite .com has been in the possession of Nat Cohen’s successful company for a full decade. So who could have bought the domain WHOIS updates show that Solario Media, a Canadian […]

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#Zaw Pizza closed down – #Telepathy acquired

When a brick and mortar business such as Zaw Pizza closes its doors, it’s time to acquire their domain – if it’s a premium one. In this case, Telepathy, Inc. has acquired, a three letter .com domain registered in 1995. In a related post, Nat Cohen, founder of Telepathy, Inc., stated: My recent domain […]

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As J.Crew folds, Telepathy founder recalls how was grabbed in 2000

News of J.Crew folding in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy made the wire today. The clothing retail company was severely affected by the financial implications of the Covid-19 pandemic in the US. Nat Cohen, founder of Telepathy Inc., recalled how in 2000 his generic domain was grabbed via the UDRP process, by J.Crew. “20 years […]

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Niantic & Pokemon Go : Telepathy, Inc. holds a huge .com asset in its domain portfolio

The huge, international success of the Augmented Reality game, Pokemon Go, has turned Niantic, Inc. into a household name. The San Francisco company produced the game and licensed it to Nintendo. Today’s news is huge: Niantic – not Nintendo – owns the rights to the game, and Nintendo’s stock dropped more than 17%, as it’s […]

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Telepathy beats Turkish company’s UDRP against

Telepathy, Inc. beat an aggressor’s UDRP against the generic, aged domain The Complainant is Fakir Elektrikli EV Aletleri Diş Ticaret Anonim Şirketi of Istanbul, Turkey who claimed a number of trademarks for “FAKIR” dating back to the 1960s and in various countries. Telepathy, Inc. sought a very reasonable $18,000 dollars for the domain; a […]

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WIPO : Telepathy, Inc. hit with UDRP over generic domain

Nat Cohen’s company, Telepathy, Inc., maintains a strong portfolio of generic domain names; according to company policy, they redirect inquiries via There is a $19 dollar charge per inquiry. By doing so, Telepathy, Inc. filters out the casual stream of spam, lowball offers and other time-consuming email activity. One of the generic domains owned […]

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